Helping Lives-Rebuild

  • Getting Out of Jail

    Despite the call for longer jail terms, at some point an offenders sentence will be completed.

    Its also a fact that one of the primary reasons former inmates find themselves in trouble again is the lack of community-based services.

    STEP UP, Inc. helps these ex-offenders find a new start in their lives.

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  • Going On with Life

    At STEP UP, Inc., we provide early assistance, starting before an inmate is ever released.

    We start the process while the offender is completing their sentence. By doing this, we can help meet their needs from the moment they are released.

    Our goal is to help the ex-offender so they don't become a repeat offender.

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  • Early Intervention

    Our process begins early-while the offender is still in custody, pre-release. More »

  • Determining Services Needed

    By determining what services are required, meets can be met in a timely manner. More »

  • Help, Support & Encouragement

    We treat our clients like people and offer the help and encouragement they need. More »

STEP-UP, Inc. - Our Core Values

At STEP-UP, Inc. we believe that everyone, even those who have committed a crime and served their sentence deserve a second chance.

STEP-UP staff is trained to assist offenders and ex-offenders in their re-entry process, getting them back into society as productive citizens and taxpayers.

The reentry process starts in the jails and prisons and continues as clients are released from these institution back into society.

STEP-UP, Incorporated takes a holistic approach to re-entry, focusing on Employment, Life Skills, Reintegration with Family, Educational Opportunities, and coordination with outside agencies on behalf of our clients.

If we can address many of the problems and frustrations ex-offenders face upon their release, there is an excellent chance we can help prevent them from becoming re-offenders.

Preventing Recidivism Makes Sense

"..there must be a direct release to a social network that provides employment, housing, and a nurturing family or social structure. These are essential parts of any reentry program, and half-hearted efforts won't do the trick.
Alfonso E. Lenhardt, President and CEO, National Crime Prevention Council.

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