The purpose of STEP UP, Inc. is to help re-integrate offenders into society by providing them the knowledge, skills and training they will need in order to make a successful transition from a correctional facility to the rest of their lives.

classroomThe process begins before the inmate is ever released when STEP UP councilors visit with the clients while still incarcerated. In a classroom setting we make an effort to get to know them and prepare them for what lies ahead, which could be a life left behind 1, 5, 10 or even 25 years ago.
Job skills are addressed in detail. These skills include filling out an application, how to dress and conduct themselves in the interview process and inter-personal skills that might help them deal with everyday situations with co-workers and employers are addressed as well as the importance of punctuality.
STEP UP instructors also help prepare for reintegration in society with life-skills training such as anger management, conflict resolution and dealing with societal norms that might have changed since their initial admission to a correctional facility. We also help by instructing them in communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal in order to help them avoid situations that can be problematic.

STEP UP instructors also cover basic parenting skills and can direct clients to additional resources once they are released in order to help them fulfill their family obligations and take an active part in the lives of their children.

STEP UP councilors also discuss the differences and similarities they may encounter with court or probation officials and how it may relate to their particular offenses or remaining obligations.

If you or someone you know needs the kind of services that STEP UP, Inc. has to offer, download our application and let’s start rebuilding a life.

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